Adwords Management

Adwords and PPC: Targeting Perfection

One of the most powerful mediums for search advertising is through paid search. Paid search has a couple different names like PPC (Pay Per Click and Adwords (branded under Google). For the most part, we’ll stick with calling it PPC, as that’s the most general name for this type of internet marketing.

PPC is one of the best ways to get your company in front of searchers in no-time. With only a few clicks, your ads can be up and running and generating new leads, business and sales. While the PPC landscape is certainly competitive, our research and analysis allows us to zero in on your exact target to bring you qualified traffic.

From the onset we consult with you and your company to decide what you want to sell, what you want to promote and what brings in the best ROI for your company. Through our research, we’ll create PPC campaigns, ads and develop a thorough keyword list that is sure to be a success.

With every PPC management campaign managed by SEO Long Island you’ll receive:

  • Thorough analysis and strategy

  • Research on ad copy

  • Sales and lead tracking

  • Custom reporting

  • The ability to geo-target your potential customers


Additionally, SEO Long Island plans to stay on top of the growing trends in the PPC world. Some of the most popular trends today are:

Adwords Retargeting:

Retargeting or remarketing can be one of the most effective tools in the PPC took box. It’s a great compliment to your campaign and it’s relatively easy to set up on our end.

Here’s how it works: When a potential customer visits your site after clicking on a PPC advertisement, a small cookie is dropped into their browser. Don’t worry, this is a harmless file used for tracking purposes and identifies them as a visitor.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Since the first visit did not result in a sale or lead or any action you desired, the retargeting begins. From this point on – for a determined amount of time – we can continue to target this user specifically. We can tailor a new message to this user or this subset to entice them to return and consider buying again. You can even offer them a discount or coupon code to initiate the revisit.

Pretty cool, huh?

All Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Management Include:

Initial Research – SEO Long Island will review your business niche and target market with you to help shape your PPC campaign. We will then take your suggested target keyword list and improve it based upon actual search trends, competition, and your businesses unique market positioning.
Tracking PPC Conversions – SEO Long Island will setup automated tracking of leads/sales generated by PPC traffic to
your website. We will increase budgets for keywords that consistently convert well, and will remove those that are not performing.
Ad Text – SEO Long Island will author Ads that will attract potential customers to your site. We will split test different ads
to find those that consumers find captivating, and remove ad that receive fewer clicks.
Quality Score (QS) Improvement– A main factor in your cost per click is your Quality Score. SEO Long Island will work to
improve your QS, helping make your campaign more efficient, and helping you gain more quality clicks for less money.
Bid Management – SEO Long Island will work to keep your bids at optimal levels, keeping your ads up where they will
convert better, while working to minimize your bids.
Managing PPC Parameters – SEO Long Island will assist you in selecting optimal parameters for your campaign, which
will include items such as the geographic areas in which your ads appear, the time of day and days f the week that the campaign runs, your maximum monthly budget, etc.
Content Network – Your ads can appear on different website, as opposed to just in the search engines. This
may be with text ads, or banner ads. SEO Long Island will make recommendations and assist you with this additional PPC
marketing. (The design of banner ads is not included, and would be billed separately)
Display Ad Retargeting (DART) – Your banners ads can be re-displayed throughout Google’s content
network for users that have visited your site. This method of following users can serve to keep your bSEO Long Island at the forefront of their thoughts, and can help bring them back to your site.
PPC Reporting – SEO Long Island will provide monthly reports detailing the progress of your campaigns.

Lowered CPC
The fastest way to increase your ROI in Google Adwords in to slowly lower your CPC. Let our strategy assist and watch profits increase.
Ad Copy
To click or not to click? That’s what they’re thinking. Let our Adowrds copy writing team write your ad copy and notice the conversions.
Mobile and More
Run ads specific to mobile and tablets and increase your ROI. Also, why not create banner ads too? Ask us how we can help.