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Blog Writing Services and Blogging Packages

Let our experienced content writing and blog writing staff curate that perfect pitch or blog posting for your business, while sharing it through multiple channels for maximum visibility.  With more and more businesses hitting the market every day, it’s important you take advantage of every opportunity to gain momentum and rank higher than your competition.

While blog writing and blog management services have been around for some time now, our blog writing and blog postings services ensure relevant, newsworthy content is circulated to bring in new business, users, readers, fans and more!  While leveraging timely blog postings, you’ll not only help readers discover your business’s voice online, but help your website with relevant backlinks to increase your SEO efforts.

Why Outsource Blog Writing and Blog Management?

We speak with dozens of small businesses just like yours on a daily basis, and while most want to be involved with the marketing of their company, most do not have the resources to dedicate a blog writer or blog manager full time.  That’s where we come in.  We fully analyze your products and services, and create relevant content that will appear in search results for relevant search queries.  These search results then bring the readers or users back to your website as the original resource, where we help keep them engaged.  We fully manage the research, blog writing, blog posting, management, linking, social media posting process with each of our blog writing services; you won’t have to do a thing!  All blog postings are written with an agreed upon style and tone, to best fit your company.

What’s Included in Our Blog Writing and Blog Management Service:

  • Research of current industry topics related to your business
  • Research of common questions typed into Google related to your business or service
  • Writing of articles and blog postings for daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly postings
  • Backlinking the articles and blog postings to your main website
  • Circulating and redistributing the blog posting throughout social media channels
  • Managing comments and questions by readers related to social media and blog posts
  • Monthly tracking of performance, as well as keyword ranking for blog posts and articles

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Our blog writing and blog management services start at only $99 per month.