Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing by SEO Long Island?

Well, to keep it short, we’ll create and share valuable content that attracts your end users or buyer and converts them into customers. Content marketing is an important cog in the wheel of internet marketing and should be one of your top focuses for promoting your Long Island or local New York business.

If you want your customer to think of you and your business as a local Long Island resource, then content marketing should be your focus. Not only will you be informing your reader on your products and services, but you’ll be creating natural links back to your website when a user click on the article or shares it.

Did you know that upwards of 75% of the people searching for your products and services research and get themselves informed prior to making a purchase? What better way to nurture these potential customers than by keeping them engaged and interested in what you have to say?

Just a handful of our content marketing tactics include:

  • Weekly or monthly blogging

  • Article marketing

  • Press release writing and distribution

  • Infographics

  • Picture tagging

  • Social media distribution

  • Forum commenting and linking

  • Video creation and SEO

  • Social signals and shares

Scheduled Blogging
What better way to capture the attention of local readers and create natural backlinks than updated blog posts? Let us help.
Press Releases
Through our PR network, let us push your company announcements to create natural links. Big or small news, it all helps.
Let our design team take advantage of your data and create an inforgraphic that creates links, Likes and social shares and signals.