Sisselman Medical Group PC: An SEO Case Study

Our SEO Strategy for Sisselman Medical Group PC

At SEO Long Island, we typically rely on two major subsections of SEO: Content marketing and On-site SEO. While there are lots of other aspects of SEO that ultimately assist in ranking a website, these two strategies worked very well for Sisselman Medical Group, PC.

Google Maps (Google Plus and Google My Business)

Being a local physician with two locations, one in Commack, one in Massapequa, we needed to first confirm that all of the listing data was accurate, verified, and populating correctly. We noticed that there were also duplicate listings, a closed office (that had moved), and some additional issues that may prevent a Google Plus page from ranking in the maps section of Google.

seo long island case study

Once all of the above was confirmed, we need to make sure that the Google My Business profile is complete. The more information you provide that’s relevant to your business the better. However, it’s important to ensure you don’t provide too much content that may be viewed as “spammy” – we’ve seen local businesses have their accounts canceled, ultimately removing their business from the Maps section and crushing their business.

Optimizing Content Marketing for Top SEO Results

Outside of the essentials of on-site SEO, content marketing remains one of our best and most successful forms of SEO. However, content marketing requires lots of time, knowledge of the specific niche in question, and effort. These are often pain points for small business owners, which is why they rely on an agency like ours to do all of the heavy lifting.

On-site SEO Creates the Ultimate Framework

This is the first step to having a successful SEO campaign. We stick to the fundamentals; strictly white-hat SEO. We follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, while adding in years of on-site SEO experience. The results speak for themselves.

seo audit

Screaming Frog: an SEO tool we use for our audits

Within the on-site SEO strategy, you’ll find many layers. But the most important are:

Keyword research
Competitor research
A full audit of the website to identify any technical issues that may be preventing traffic
Resolving any issues identified in our audit
Blogger outreach

The Results:

While Sisselman Medical Group PC has over 400 keywords ranking on Google for related services, below are some visual results for their best traffic-creating keywords



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