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Understanding the Importance of Google My Business

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First things first: Let’s make sure you have a Google My Business profile and that it’s properly setup. Google My Business is essential for local SEO. Aside for being one of the best free SEO tools out there, it’s critical to the health of your local SEO results. In the past, broad keyword searches were […]

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Geo-Targeted Local Landing Pages That Really Rank and Convert

Great Whiteboard Friday from Rand Fishkin at MOZ. Enjoy! One question we see regularly come up is what to do if you’re targeting particular locations/regions with your site content, and you want to rank for local searches, but you don’t actually have a physical presence in those locations. The right track can depend on a […]

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How to Use Google Plus for SEO

Using Google Plus for SEO offers great opportunities for improving your website’s search engine rankings, increasing visibility, and helping to position yourself as an expert in your niche. Sound familiar? You’ve all heard some variation of this before. Google Plus has consistently proven itself to be a powerful platform for integrating online marketing efforts and […]

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Local SEO Checklist for 2015

Understanding how to optimize your local business’ website to capture local search will be instrumental to your online success more than ever before next year. While such a statement may seem obvious far too many local sites are optimized for general search, bringing in unqualified traffic that is located nowhere near their place of businesses. […]

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10 Tips For Local Search Success

The key to getting started is building a strong foundation for local search success by checking off the basics. From there, you can take advantage of other opportunities, including paid media, to generate even greater visibility for your brand. Here are my top 10 tips for best positioning your business in local search: 1. Ensure […]

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