12 Business Niches That Can Find Success in Geofencing

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While more and more of us are looking down at our phones more than ever, geofencing is quickly becoming the go-to form of hyper local marketing. Geofencing allows advertisers to easily push ads to a specific location to drive conversions or branding. With geofencing, you can set a perimeter around a standalone building, city block, concert or sporting event, or neighborhood to deliver hyper targeted ads. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s dive into some of the more common advertisers using geofencing in 2019.

Events & Conventions

Geofencing campaigns and direct ads can target event attendees to offer special discounts to related or future events. Sponsors can also target users.

Retail Stores & Franchises

Retail stores can now track foot traffic in and out of their stores, as well as competitor stores.

Healthcare & Wellness

Hospitals and physicians offices are using geofencing strategies more and more.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies now have the ability to target specific locations and neighborhoods. Serve ads to cities where there is a high demand for listings in a seller’s market.

Banking & Finance

Set up a perimeter around a bank or financial institution to offer competing products.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can easily adopt geofencing services and offer it to their existing customer base.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships can easily setup a geofence around a competing car lot to offer aggressive car offers.

Travel & Hotel

The travel industry is extremely competitive. Give yourself and advantage by targeting new customer audiences at competing hotels.

Education & Colleges

Target recent, or soon-to-be graduate students with career, real estate, and other milestone advice.


Personal injury attorneys can easily serve ads to patients in an ER waiting room, auto body shop, or chiropractor’s office.

Local Service Companies

AC repair, plumbers, roofer, and other service providers can now send targeted offers to audiences in specific high-valume neighborhoods.

Tech Niche

As a tech company, we’re always looking for the next must-have software or product. Serve ads to companies that are most likely to buy your product or service for an increased chance of conversion.

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