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One of the biggest signals to Google and other major search engines – that can potentially push rankings in a positive direction – is content marketing and content creation. While this is one of the biggest indicators for ranking a website higher on the front page for SEO, it’s still an often overlooked and and misused process. We can help.

Digital Consultancy

Our team creates content with your company voice in mind. Custom content marketing begins with consulting you and your team's direction.

Brand Marketing

All of our content is crafted for both user and search engines. By writing for your users first, we ensure it becomes a resource when found.

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It's important we get the word out when new content is created. You can expect social sharing to be a big part our our content marketing strategy.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Content Marketing Process and Strategy

Our content marketing will carefully curate blog posts for SEO, articles and press releases tailored to your business, your keywords and target audience. We then take that content and publish it on your site, or an off-site blog. From there, we share the newly created content through social media, blogs, web 2.0 websites and additional directories and portals.

Our content marketing process is thorough and complete, with writing completed by college educated content writers that specialize in writing for SEO purposes, right here in Long Island.  Your content marketing is never shipped overseas or outsourced to writing services that don’t fully understand your product or service.

What is Content Marketing?

The main goal of our content marketing services is to attract and retain customers and buyers by constantly creating and pushing carefully measured content to your preferred target audience. By continually pushing this content in their direction, you are effectively creating a better user experience, and hopefully, turning these users into buyers or customers.

They say, the hardest part of business is getting new customers. So while you’re focusing all of your marketing and advertising efforts on attracting new clients and customer, you could be losing your current client base. With our content marketing services, we help to communicate with your current client base. While one of your marketing voices is focused on “selling”, another are of content marketing will have a softer tone, not intended to sell the client, but speak to them as if they are a client, not a prospect.

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Why Use a Content Marketing Service?

As with the many marketing channels you currently use, you should never focus entirely on one avenue. Instead, mixing up your business marketing strategy and tailoring it to the specific client base or audience. Regardless of what type of internet marketing you’re using, content marketing should be an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

With the Content Marketing team here at SEO Long Island, we can prepare a content marketing strategy that’s aligned with your goals as a small business, and propose a content marketing budget that doesn’t break the bank. So whether you’re just starting our in the world of content marketing or you need a full scale content marketing strategy in place, we have a solution for you and your business.  Tasks like ongoing blogging for SEO results takes time, so let us handle that for you!


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