Facebook Ads Intake Questionnaire

Please enter the name as though it should be displayed to the public in your ads.
Please confirm your monthly advertising spend before management fees.
We will need to your payment information to add to the ad account. These payments go directly to Facebook and your budgeted ad-spend.
Do you have a specific schedule for when you can take leads? Do you prefer only business days/hours? 24/7? No weekends?
What is the best selling product(s)?
What makes your brand and product better than your competition?
If you have an email database, please send to your Account Manager.
Please provide access to business page to be managed.
If you have a website CMS (such as Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, etc.), please provide your Admin login URL path, Username, & Password. If you are unable to provide access, our team will provide Conversion Pixels to be added to the website by your website admin or developer.