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Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click, is one of the quickest ways to generate immediate interest in your products or services. Google Ads can also be the most expensive form of internet marketing, especially if you are not familiar with all of the nuances of this ad management service.  With over 10 years of Google Ad experience, our team of Google Ad and PPC specialists can make the most of our your campaign, squeezing every possible dollar to ensure an amazing ROI.

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With ad clicks as high as $75 PER CLICK, most business cannot afford to mismanage their Google Ads or PPC campaign. Ask us how our Long Island ad team can help.

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Effective Google Ad Management in Long Island

A profitable Google Ad (PPC) campaign requires skill and attention to detail. Our Google Ad team will manage your campaign and ensure effective keyword targeting in a specified geographical area, nationwide, or for your Google Shopping campaign. Our team of PPC specialists review your business goals, then perfect the most cost-effect approach to generating new business.

Keyword Research

Each campaign starts with proper keyword research and analysis. Keyword bidding is the foundation to any successful Google Ad campaign. Our team will research and review all keyword data prior to publishing your campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding competitor advertising strategies is key to a profitable Google Ad campaign. Our team uses spying tools to give your campaign the upper hand, allowing you to see their bids, average spend, and more.

Campaign Creation

With the best possible Google Ad data in hand, our team of PPC specialists begin building your campaign. Ads are created, and professional ad copy writers give their seasoned spin on creating ad copy that converts.

Tracking and Retargeting

As your Google Ad campaign builds up data, we’re able to identify what’s working and what needs modification. Our team monitors your campaign on a daily basis to ensure it’s effective and profitable for your business.

Ongoing Reporting

Our Google Ad team will keep you updated on a monthly basis so that you are fully aware of the campaign status. We’ll report the good and the bad to ensure proper communication throughout the PPC campaign.


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