SEO and Optimizing for Google Home Hub

google home hub and seo

Google Home VS. Google Home Hub: Is it time to focus more on YouTube content?

This past week, orders of Google Home Hub began shipping to customers. After some trial time, we’ve outlined some key findings with Google Home Hub and how it can benefit SEO and your YouTube Channel.

Surprisingly, speakable markup for news articles is not supported on the Google Home Hub. Speakable markup would allow webmasters to markup their articles so that Google Assistant would read back the article when a users requests that specific news story. In the original Google Home this type of markup was available as a feature, but with Google Home Hub the results seem to be shifting towards YouTube videos related to that specific news story.

Featured Snippets on Google Home VS Google Home Hub

Featured snippets seemed to appear in less searches in Google Home Hub compared to the original Google Home. On the original Google Hub, snippets seemed more readily available on more search queries. On Google Home Hub, it took really specific queries in order to get snippets to show. Again, Hub seems to be pushing users towards YouTube results and related videos.

Google Answers on Google Home without Display VS Google Home Hub

There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between Google Home and Google Home Hub when checking Google for answers. The key difference is that Google Home Hub will show you the answers visually along with corresponding images. The visual aspect allows users to click further into results versus asking additional questions on Google Home without display.

In Summary

As we’ve seen on YouTube with equivalent answers, featured snippets on your news-worthy articles will be key to your SEO success if Google Home Hub become a real player in the smart home controller space.