SEO Strategy and Tips for 2014

While SEO seems to be an ever-changing swell of wave, dips of high and lows, algorithm update after algorithm update, it’s important to keep focused on methodologies that have stood the test of time.

Analytics – Rely on the Data

Secure search will shape the way we do our job in 2014. With the new shift in measuring real business at the page level, it’s important more than ever to drill down on traffic, conversions and ROI.


  • Focus on one page at a time and let them be the focus of your SEO strategy.
  • Grab and nurture actual data from your Google Analytics account.
  • Prioritize your workflow based on the data you see in GA.


Rank – It Still Means Something

In 2014, there will be a larger convergence of search traffic than ever before. While 2013 was a big year for diversified search, 2014 will be even bigger.


  • Focus on the GOOD data when it comes to ranking. Have a strong method for determining which are authentic spikes.
  • Measure your results by device, ie. mobile and tablet. Did you know that your rank and results will vary depending on your device?


Content – Still King in Our Book

As always, content should be a key focus in 2014. Content will attract new users and visitors, and create conversions and dollars. More importantly, content brings in return customers again and again.


  • Think outside the box when it comes to your content, but drill down deeper and get more analytical.
  • Zero in on your GA account, specifically at the page level.
  • Start reporting on a pages total performance.



Trends come and go in our marketing world. But focusing on key data and metrics will be key to success in the new year. With Google’s focus on secure search, it’s now or never to clean up your strategy. Understand your content and delivery, and you’ll be in the SEO driver seat for 2014.