Top 5000 U.S. Cities List

top us cities by population

Top 5000 U.S. Cities List by Population

A while back our Long Island SEO and development team was brainstorming a few ideas for a new website and racked my brain (and Google) trying to find the largest list of U.S. cities based on population.  Believer it or not, the best we could find were top 100, 500 and 1000 lists.  Surprisingly that’s where it ended.  So we compiled a list based on U.S. census data and put together this handy list below.

A great resource for an Local SEO service, directory website, or sales force for that matter is a long list of US cities.   We’ve compiled a list of top U.S. cities based on population, and below is the link to the results.

Click here for the top 5000 us cities list

Feel free to share this list of top U.S. cities based on population with anyone you think may find it useful.