Why You Shouldn’t Overpay for SEO


When I started out in the SEO and Internet Marketing industry, there was a constant pitch I would overhear from our sales team: “you were quoted how much for SEO? SEO that cheap cannot be effective”. I would hear it so much that I actually started to believe it. More and more, with my own SEO efforts, I’m noticing that small businesses really do not have to break the bank to accomplish their SEO goals.

SEO Will Not Turn on the Lead Faucet

With any new marketing channel, business owners believe that they must jump on the bandwagon so that they are not left in the dust by their competition. When a sales call is made, and we start to run down the benefits of SEO, we NEVER make the client feel as if the leads will start pouring in with improved SEO rankings. With a good, well thought out SEO plan, you should certainly see an uptick in your traffic as per you Google Analytics account and should see more interest in your services. But for a salesmen to suggest that SEO will change the way your business operates is simply wrong, and quite possibly, a lie.

How Much Should SEO Cost?

SEO efforts are typically broken down to a specific amount of tasks, multiplied by the amount of time it takes you to accomplish these tasks. SEO is simply optimizing your website for better search results. It’s all based on how much time you – or your SEO company – determines is the appropriate amount of time to accomplish these tasks. When a salesmen calls you and say “no one can get you to the front page of Google for X keyword, for Y amount”, it’s simply a scare tactic. Why couldn’t an SEO who’s working from the comfort of their own home, with minimal overhead, no wages to pay, no fancy office upkeep to attend to and no obsurd monthly office rent downtown obligation get you ranked?? When a salesmen approaches you with a cost that you feel is too high, have them justify the cost. Ask them how much time they expect to dedicate to your account on a monthly basis. From there, you can determine what you’re actually paying for.

To answer the above question in short: SEO costs will vary based on your goals and needs.  At SEO Long Island, our SEO packages start at only $200 per month and may reach the thousands per month.

For more information on SEO and internet marketing packages that fit your small business budget, call us today and we’ll be happy to help!